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Frequency Specific Micro-current (FSM) is a painfree, innovative way to help improve health and reduce pain.  It is effective with recent injuries such as sprains or 'pulled muscles' as well as very effective at relieving chronic pain in joints or in one's back.  Specific frequencies are used for targeting particular types of tissues combined with frequencies that help reduce inflammation or disperse congestion. Innovative treatments can be designed by re-combining these frequencies in various ways  to address many different types of complaints.

You might be wondering how FSM is administered.  A typical treatment will involve lying down with a warm towel under your neck and shoulders, and another across your ankles.  The clips for the machine will be attached to the towels so that the transmission of the current is spread over the entire area of the towels and from head to foot.  This approach reduces any tingling at the skin's surface level. 

FSM machines are frequently battery operated and quite portable.  They may have preset programs for conditions such as carpal tunnel, or varying muscle and spine conditions.  Your practitioner will have taken courses which enable an understanding of how to customize a treatment very accurately for your specific needs.

FSM was pioneered in the early 1900's and had a resurgence in the 1970's.  Since that time many dedicated practitioners have developed good effective protocols for commonly occurring conditions such as whiplash, knee problems, hip pain, concussion etc.

Dr. Caroline McMakin has generated a comprehensive training for FSM practitioners.  It is a multistaged training which provides great support to practitioners in the field.  Her website is informative if you are inclined to read more about the development of this healing modality.

 A typical session is an hour or 90 minutes.  Most chronic problems will require a course of treatments, degenerative conditions often require on going treatment.  FSM is drug free, needle free and cost effective.



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