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Transformations: Faces In Process

Seeing is believing  when it comes to the recognizing changes brought about the Energy/Light Facial Rejuvenation. In this section you will see the process unfold for a number of individuals.

  In her early sixties, her skin is glowing, she looks refreshed, and her beautiful blue eyes look alive with life.  During her treatments her skin texture has refined, her cheeks lifted and the lines around her eyes and mouth have softened. More than that she looks alive and full of enthusiasm for life

Earlier in the year she was not feeling energized. She felt run down,she was worried about some drop on the left side of her face, and felt she looked haggard. In her before picture you can see she has darkness under her eyes, her left eye is less open, and her skin is generally dusky.  Her whole look is one of fatigue, strain. 

When you compare the before and after pictures, it is obvious that there has been a great deal of change.  An aspect of Energy/Light Facials which is not seen in many other methods is the overall change in the person's whole bearing. Not only can you see physical changes around the chin line, the cheeks and the forehead, but a change in her presence is most obvious. 

This global change is what distinguishes Energy/Light Facials from other systems.  It is hard to tell what has been done, but the effect is unmistakable.

This fresh look was achieved with 12 Energy/Light Sessions and the use of Enriched Essentials, a cream which is loaded with healing essential oils combined with almond, carrot seed, coconut, avocado and rose oil. Using a clean face cream, with no toxic additives helps reduce the burden on your liver. Essential oils are messengers who help turn on healing processes in the skin and the body.

While planning her wedding, this professional decided she needed a bit of rejuvenation to counter the tiredness and stress of the project.   She was concerned with large pores, her chin line, neck and forehead lines. She said her skin felt thick and undernourished.

 On the left here you may be able to see her pores are large, and the skin looks dullish. Her chin and just below are puffy, with extra fluid retention.  She has quite deep lines on her forehead and puffiness on her upper eye-lids.

As the treatments progress you see her chin line more defined, there is less jowliness, and her cheeks are raising up more on the cheek bone.  It is interesting to note that the micro-current helps the muscle tone, and helps to raise all facial features by toning the muscle structure.

Often in the course of  these sessions there will be personal/lifestyle changes which seem to spring from process

During this time she and her intended decided to 'clean up' their diet which resulted in weight loss and a clearer look in her skin. As the sessions progress a more relaxed at ease person emerges, you get the "aha that how I used to be" feeling.

Once again note that your eye is not drawn to an area where you can see "there was work done".  The effect is global on the face and systemic through the body.

It is usual for ELR recipients to comment on how much better they feel, how less stressed and how much more energy they have to accomplish their goals.  This is because the ELR sessions activate deep healing, through the use of meridians on the body which relate to your internal organs.  Each facial is a tune for your energy system.


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